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Would you like to recommend a children's book for review? We are always in search of that special book that reaches out to our children.

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Recommended Children's Books For Grades Pre-K+


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The Adventures Of Pal And Zee

Pal Can See - by James Patrick Golden. Picture Book. Grades Pre-K+

Pal and Zee are two Cats that are also brothers. This book is adorable! Your child will fall in love with the two characters. The books title say's it all. "Pal Can See" the book helps children deal with glasses for the first time. This book will leave you wanting more. The Adventures of Pal and Zee, Pal Can See is one of a series of 12 books. We can't wait to see the others! This Book is available anywhere fine books are sold. Soft Cover approx. 24 pages. Price @ $7.95

We give it our Highest Rating Five Stars.

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The Mitten - by Jan Brett. Picture Book. Grades Pre-K+.

The World That Jack Built by Ruth Brown. Picture Book. Grades Pre-K+.

The Great Kapok Tree - by Lynne Cherry. Picture Book. Grades K+.

My Place in Space - by Robin and Sally Hirst. Picture Book. Grades PreK+.

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